What Not To Do When Cold Pitching For a Guest Post

You’ve learned what to write in your pitch and how but you’re still getting nothing. You are starting to play with the idea of completely giving up on writing and just do the job you were supposed to do “until you can make money with writing”. Writing isn’t just about writing though. You are realizing that it’s tiring to keep getting rejected, you don’t see why people don’t want to give you a hence. Maybe you’re doing one of these things:

You Don’t Follow Up

Editors are swamped with e-mails. Sometimes, they’ll get yours but it won’t be a priority. They will put it aside to read later and completely forget about it. You are there to gently nudge them and remind about that pitch you sent three weeks ago. They might ignore you again – that means they didn’t see it fit for now. The other option is they might remember you and read your pitch again. What is there to lose really? Try again in a couple of months, maybe you weren’t fit before but things changed and they are looking for what you can offer. Just don’t overdo it. There’s a thin line between following up and being annoying. Which brings us to the next point? Make sure, that you visit some good website like www.BigGuestPosting.com, which will give very good information.

You Seem Too Desperate

Follow up, but don’t e-mail people every day looking for answers. Other than constant e-mails check if your pitch is too desperate. Look of your pitch as seduction. When you first meet someone, you want to show your best qualities but you also want to show them you have a life that doesn’t revolve around them. They want what other people want. Pitches are the same, throw bait, follow up, but never make it look like you are up late at night thinking about them. Play a little hard to get. If you want to get some information website like www.BigGuestPosting.com are the best.

You Don’t Read Published Articles

Editors will know if you read the website or glanced through the titles. Sit down, take an hour of your life and read whatever takes your interest. Don’t feel like reading anything on the website? Why do you want to post to a place you are not even interested in reading from? Your writing style will so obviously be different from what’s on there already it’ll be like an insult to everyone working and writing for the website. Pitch to the websites you read so that you can fit in with the theme and have a much higher chance of getting someone’s interest when you cold-pitch. Make sure you visit www.BigGuestPosting.com, which is really good and can give you good information.

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You Want Results Too Fast

You sent ten pitches and nothing is happening. They were researched, to the point, well-written, fit with the theme. You followed up and still nothing.
Relax, these things take time. Did you send hundred a still nothing? It’s okay to get frustrated now but keep going. Follow the tips to do, and avoid the don’ts. It’s a numbers game and you will get there, I can promise you that.

5 Minutes for Mom

5 Minutes for Mom is a website made by identical twins made for moms all over the world. They write about family life, dyi and beauty advice for busy moms. They are a growing website always looking for guest posts. The good thing is that they want to establish a relationship with their writers so repeat business is possible. They have a contact page and contributor application form where you can send your pitch. In return, they do a link to your website and social media.


Beauterazzi is always accepting guest posts. There are opportunities for companies and brands as well as personal bloggers. You can do a paid promotion as well and invest some money into your website traffic. Beauterazzi is a beauty website about skincare, hair, nails and your body. Do you have something to say about that? Contact Beauterazzi with a good, solid pitch.

Tattooed Tea Lady

Tattooed Tea Lady is a bit of a different beauty website. She writes about beauty, lifestyle, parenting, and travel. She is accepting guest posts through her contact page. There are no clear guidelines but follow a good pitch guide and make sure you read about the website, and some articles, so you know the writing style she will accept.

There are new beauty websites emerging daily so make sure you always keep up to date to the ones accepting new guest posts. You can build your portfolio and use this to your advantage until one day, you are the one people are posting for.