Various scenarios you should be familiar with when it comes to playing games like PokemonGO

How best are you familiar with PokemonGo?

How best can we describe this phenomenal game that is PokemonGO? This game which happens to be augmented reality is one of its kind when it comes to how it is played and the way you get to maneuver your way into the game. It is very unpredictable compared to other games because of its unique levels and encounters. It is an easy game to start with and you just need to flow with the tempo. It is an easy game to install in your mobile phone or tablet as long as it is app supported. PokemonGO saw many users download it upon its launching and for a long time now it has been a favorite among many gamers. One of the reasons why it is popular is its diversity which means its developers put in some extra effort making it the phenomenon game that it is today.

Upon release, PokemonGo went ahead to top both free and top-grossing charts something that was not expected. It is a norm for any launching game to gain massive popularity depending on how unique it is created and we have already seen that game developers have are capable of giving us something we were not anticipating to get. That level of creativity can only get better in time given the fact that technology is getting better each and every other day. We are going to look at various aspects of the game into more perspectives so that you can have a clearer picture on what to expect as you engage the game.

The game set-up

As it is the norm with most games that have been developed before, there is a possibility that you will never get to finish the game by reaching the last level. It is only for a few games you will get to reach to the last level because most of them have levels added and updated every time so you got no chance of ever getting to the last level. You may even get to a certain point and decide to delete the whole game or decide to start afresh all over again thinking that cycle will change only to go through the same thing once more. The developers will always be on their toes to ensure you do not get to complete a game.

When it comes to PokemonGO, you can possibly catch every little virtual monster in all the levels but one sure thing is that the developers will add more as the time goes by. To get the most out of PokemonGo however, you need to get up on your toes and travel around in order to catch as many little monsters as possible. You get to find Pokemon depending on the area you are currently in and the environs.

What you get to achieve by wandering around is that with this game, your phone or tablet’s GPS sensor is used to get your geographical location and with that you get to find your specific type of Pokemon in the area you are presently in. Your camera is used to make it appear like you are facing off some monster-like creatures in the real world that you are supposedly going to find and catch, and you can choose to turn off the augmented reality aspects, only that by doing that you will be defeating the whole purpose of the game.

How to go about throwing pokeballs

After getting lucky enough locating a Pokemon, you could be asking yourself what you are supposed to do next after that, well the answer to that is you use a time-honored tradition which is throwing pokeballs at it. You get to do that by first tapping on the nearby Pokemon which happens to be on the main map which proceeds to enter you in a showdown. The phone’s or tablet’s camera uses the point you are standing at as the backdrop.

When it comes to throwing a pokeball, you swipe upwards from the picture with red and white sphere usually at the bottom side of the screen. It may sound simple by just saying it but the truth is that you may take a number of throws to get at it because the right speed applied in the right direction is what matters here. You should however not throw wastefully even if the rarer creatures tend to need more throws. Your supply of pokeballs is however not limited.

About visiting pokestops

Checking out pokestops is one of the activities you will be involved in while you catch Pokemon. A pokestop usually looks like a thin blue tower with the top having a cube on it. That is how it appears on your map. These pokestops are mapped into the real world landmarks such as libraries, churches, fountains and many more. As you walk towards your real world pokestop, you will notice the trainer avatar on the screen giving off a blue circle which appears to be pulsing. As you get closer to the pokestop appearing in the circle, it’s shape changes by having a large blue circle on the top which upon tapping on it you will get to see a picture disc that you are supposed to spin by swiping across.

This process results to a variety of free items such as pokeballs. Pokestops recharge often and so it is never a waste to visit one within your vicinity. A pokestop that has recently been used turns purple but it turns to blue again if you hit it up for supplies one more.

About eggs and how to hatch them

Pokestop happens to have several benefits and yielding a Pokemon egg is one of them. The best thing about getting an egg is you do not know what will hatch from it. Hatching an egg requires you to tap on unused incubators on which you tap on one of them to start the process of hatching. You get to cover a given distance in order to warm up the incubator for the egg to hatch.