Travelling cuisine : Singapore for ‘foodies’

Beyond its avant-garde architecture or for being one of the neatest city-states on the planet, Singapore is also known for presenting itself as the perfect destination for travellers’ obsessed with food.

For good food

One of the most famous gastronomic and lifestyle bloggers in the world, the gastronomic adventures have no end and there is no restaurant that resists the meticulous goal of his camera or his palate. Your timeline It is the perfect example of what has been simmering in your city for a few years, a gastronomic current that sweeps through half the world, grabbing headlines like ours, “Singapore for foodies”. At us we have the best Singapore Food.

The result of an intense migratory history and an elegant colonial past, the gastronomic legacy of Singapore is today the result of its complex past, which brings together a solid base of all the cultures that have shaped the personality of this destination until it becomes one of the most Cosmopolitans from all over Asia. It is difficult to find a place like this; where almost in the same space and time you can be eating both in Michelin-starred premises on delicate linen tablecloths as well as in a plastic container and paper napkins. And everything is rich at Singapore Food.

Where and what to eat in Singapore?

Singapore is a paradise for lovers of food, cafes, beautiful places, entertaining bars to go out at night for a drink and a snack. That many times you have to have a lot of money. The good? There are so many places to eat that there is something for everyone. Because Singapore is also full of little markets, natural juices, street food, food courtyards with hundreds of options and very tasty typical dishes everywhere. To give you an idea, the most economical dishes you will find are between 4 and 5 SGD. At Singapore Food, it is mentioned that an iced tea, which is the simplest, between 1.5 and 3 SGD. And the average is around 10 SGD. It’s not so cheap (that’s why we talk about “medium” with up to 30 SGD!), But the funny thing is that you can eat financially well. Exchange rate: Here we will talk about Singapore Dollars. One euro equals just over 1.6 SGD and one USD at just less than 1.4 SGD (as of September 2017).

Hawker Centers

The so-called “Hawker Centers” are well known in Singapore. They are basically food courts with tiny local food stalls. But do not be fooled! The variety is huge. They are a good option at any time of the day, but around 9 or 10 at night most are already closed.

  1. Do not know the “food court” or “food court”? They are places where there are many different restaurants, but tables and chairs are common. The funny thing is that you can choose dishes from different places and types and eat them at the same time.
  2. Of these, you will find yourself everywhere. Here we tell you about the ones that recommended us the most and liked Singapore Food.

Hawker Chan

This restaurant is not a food court, but a restaurant in itself. It is also typical Singaporean food, but you earn your personal space. Why? Well, because it has a Michelin star! In fact, it is the first “street” type restaurant that gets this award.

  1. Do not know the Michelin stars? They are a recognition of the quality of the restaurants that the “Michelin Guide” offers and can be from 1 to 3 stars. Three stars indicate an exceptional cuisine that justifies travelling alone to go to eat at the restaurant, two stars indicate first class quality in their type of cuisine and one star designates a very good restaurant in its category.

The grace of Hawker Chan is that you can eat for less than 5 SGD, being that other restaurants with this category do not fall below 150 USD per person in other countries. In Hawker Chan they do not have much variety; the dishes vary between chicken and roast duck, accompanied by white rice or noodles. All cooked in the Singaporean style at Singapore Food! These are pedestrian streets are contiguous one of the other and both are surrounded by busy markets. Here you will not find where to sit, but there are some nice things you can find on the street. It’s more for chopping than for eating.

Chinatown and Little India

Naming a restaurant in these well-known neighbourhoods is very difficult because there are millions. The streets are surrounded by well-established food carts or restaurants. What you should know is that in Chinatown you will find Chinese food or in Little India Indian food, there are few places that offer another type of cuisine.

Swee Choon

This is the best place to go to eat dim sum in Singapore. We were recommended by a friend who lives there some years ago and did not disappoint us … the food is exquisite! It is always so full that they have several rooms and a super efficient waiting and ordering system. Do not know the dim sum? They are a typical Cantonese Chinese food. They are kind of stuffed with meats or vegetables and cooked fried or steamed. The portions are small, so they usually eat several dishes or accompany them with other things.In Swee Choon, you can find few dishes of various types: dim sum, buns, fried rice or noodles, meats, doughs and desserts. Everything comes in small portions, so you can order a bit of everything, as Singapore Food did.

This is one of the hundreds of shopping centres on Orchard Road. And, like all of them, it has a food court on the top floor. What we liked about this particular is that none of the restaurants is fast food and each of the places is different from the other.

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