Most Comfortable Down Pillows

Sleeping is as important as any activity. This is the time when our body gets to relax and repair itself. Surely, after a long day of tiring work, you would like to lay your head down on something which would send you straight to sleep. While general pillows are hard, there’s one kind of pillow which would aid in your sleep- down pillow.

What is a Down Pillow?

It is from animal products like the wing, back and chest feathers of sucks and geese; down pillows just molds itself to the shape of your head. These natural pillows allow for airflow through the pillow which keeps heads cool and so is a popular choice for people who find that their heads get too warm at night

Benefits of Using Down Pillows


  • They have great aesthetics

Down pillows look inviting and just oozes the sense of comfort. These white pillows just make one put their heads on the pillows and go straight to sleep.

  • Plushy Feel

The best part about down pillows is just how soft and squishy they look. The pillow gives the feeling of sleeping on clouds.

  • Durability

Durability depends on the quality of the materials used. It should be noted that these pillows can’t be washed regularly as they are made of feathers. But washing them every month at least is recommended. If the fill is more durable then it can easily last for 5-10 years.


  • A Lower Loft

The pillows are really low regarding the height and this might be unappealing to people who want something more sizeable.

  • It loses shape

Down pillows are soft and airy, so they are bound to get crumpled with regular use. However, just fluffing them up to get back their shape will just take a few seconds

  • They are expensive

Down pillows are expensive for sure which you can check in with comparisons. But the fact that they are soft, fluffy and airy makes the prices worth it for a good night’s sleep. These features also make them far better when compared to other types of pillows.

Types of Down Pillows:

  • Goose

These down pillows are made up of clusters of goose feathers, which makes them softer, lighter and additionally, they also last longer than other types of feathers. Generally, large feathers are filtered out during the sorting process so there generally aren’t any feathers which poke through the pillows.

  • Duck Down

Duck down pillows are made from animal products- as in from the wing, back and chest feathers of ducks and geese. The best thing about duck down pillows is that since they are not filled with man-made feathers so they can be re-cased, which would put the fluffiness back in them.

  • Down Alternative

As the name states, these pillows contain fibers or microfibers which are made from polyester or cotton. Generally, these soft fibers tend to be as soft as authentic down. Most down alternative down pillows are a medium loft and can be found in the range of soft to medium firm.

  • Down vs. Down Alternative

A crucial question, since down pillows are made from plumules and clusters, but the most important matter is their full power, which is the amount of down per ounce. The more full power, the greater insulating ability, and the better fluff. As for down alternatives, these are recommended for people who are allergic to down feathers or for people on a strict budget. But synthetic options don’t regulate temperature well, but they also much easier to clean and maintain.

Things To Consider Before Buying Down Pillow

  • Sleeping Position

A lot of people sleep on their sides and this creates a comfortable gap which is the area between the crown of the shoulder and the side of the head. When sleeping on the sides, a pillow needs to be able to fill this gap so as to provide the support needed. Basically, the softer the pillow, the better and what can be more sift than down pillows.

  • Fill Power

Fill power is the measurement of the space one ounce of down will fill in cubic inches when allowed to reach or rise to its maximum loft. The formula is simple with this, the higher the fill power and quality, the higher it’s loft will be and that much longer it will be durable. A fill power of around 500-600 is standard.

  • Thread Count

Thread count (the ‘T’ or ‘TC’ which is written on pillow or mattress covers) refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads present in one square inch of fabric. The formula is that the higher the thread count will be, that much softer the pillowcase will feel. A thread count of about 300-350 should be used for soft feels.

  • Cover

Some down pillows come with removable covers and some don’t. It depends upon your needs which one would be better for you. But in the case of removable covers, using cotton covers is most recommended. If it is 100% cotton, then it’s even better.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Yes, you can clean down pillows and since they are soft, they can fit in any washing machine. It is recommended to wash two pillows at a time to keep the washer balanced, with the water temperature of your choice and a gentle soap. Use the fastest speed to take as much moisture as you can. Or you can skip it all and go for a dry cleaning.

Down pillows are versatile, soft and dynamic and they especially help people who are having neck, shoulders or head problems since they can be moulded into any shape while sleeping. They can be expensive and a bit difficult to care for, but their benefits outweigh everything else.