Know How You Can Get Fake Pee for Drug Test

Marijuana has been treated as a taboo for many decades owing to which its popularity has increased over time. Marijuana is an expression and has many recreational and medicinal properties and has been used by people to treat various diseases. Apart from that, smoking pot reduces the pain or suffering that you are going from, allowing you to take a break from what is going on in the real world. Most of the celebrities have advocated the use of marijuana as a soother to calm their anxiety and because they find no harm in smoking the pot. Renowned stars like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, and woody Haralson have been supporting the use of marijuana as it has helped them in some or the other way.

Need for the fake powder

However, the modern world and its rules always come in the way of your desires. From telling what to do and what not to do, the world has always posed its share of restrictions in the form of society and rules. But when it comes to marijuana, is it still compulsory to follow the rules by going against your heart. Of course, that does not mean to become a rebel or outlaw. There is a middle way out by means of which you can easily balance your desires and your society.

Owing to the advancement in technology, it is possible to smoke weed and not get caught by law other authorities. The secondary importance of technology is to find loopholes in the technology and take advantage of them. However, the problem with pot is that it stays in your system for quite a long period of time. This means that if you have smoked your last weed weeks back and have remained sober since then, you will be caught when you get your urine tested. This is because marijuana remains in your blood stream for up to 30 days and can be easily detected in a test. Only after that you can have a complete detox. Detox is a procedure of physiological healing of the body after consumption of any drug.

Fake it to make it

Arranging Fake pee for drug test is a smart alternative for escaping the drug test easily. Synthetic urine is a substance that is designed artificially by use of machines that has an appearance, chemical composition and properties of urine of a normal human being. This has been used widely to provide relief to people during urine drug test. There are certain fields where rules relating to drugs are very strict to such an extent that people have no liberty to be on their own. For instance, athletes are required to stay sober and must not consume any recreational drug even in their usual life without realizing the importance of drugs in the life. It is designed to make it look like real urine and is designed in laboratories and has various applications in industrial and other fields. When it comes to getting fake pee for drug test, synthetic urine is the most popular alternative for passing test. The urine consists of organic compounds like urea, uric acid, creatinine along with inorganic compounds like ammonia, sulfate, proteins, metabolites, and a list of other compounds as well.

The designing of the urine is done in a way so as to make it look as similar to the real urine, in terms of Ph along with specific gravity. The basic principle that lies behind using synthetic urine in place of the real one in a urine test is that it focuses on the exact same aspects as the original one and therefore is absolutely untraceable in the test. It contains the exact same substances as are found in the urine of an average healthy human being. Generally, the urine tests which are of an unsupervised nature judge the state of the person by means of drug metabolites, dilution and other toxicants that are part of urine. This ensures that you will be able to pass the test easily as all you have to do is switch your sample with the original one and you will get the result in your favor.

Fake urine is available in several forms which are quite common to buy and use. The most common form is in the form of powders in dried forms and pre-mixed solutions. All you have to do is fill the required container with lukewarm water and add the fake urine powder to it and stir it for a while. Add the remaining one third of the heat activation powder till it does not reach the right temperature and you have made yourself a convincing Fake pee for drug test ready. But always make sure not to use any near expiry or expired product which has been there for a while as it may lose its composition.

Keeping it at the required temperature

Keeping the urine at a required temperature is important as this is the most crucial point during the testing phase. However, this can be checked. Hearting the urine sample to an appropriate temperature can be done by keeping it in microwave and setting the required temperature so that the sample can be given the likeliness of a real urine sample. Thereafter, you can use hand warmers to keep it warm till the testing phase. Always remember, your urine sample shall be rejected immediately if it is not set at the right temperature.

Things to remember before buying fake urine

Before buying any brand of fake urine from the market, one should always keep in mind certain things that need it be checked. Firstly, always select the brand which uses the latest formula and is manufactured at required temperature. For this purpose, a temperature strip is used to gauge temperature. The chemical structure of the fake urine might change and therefore it is advisable to use a newly purchased packet and make sure to purchase one from a reputed seller to get the best fake pee for drug test.

Thus, Fake pee for drug test is quite simple to procure and make use of, considering you have the right information about the product.