How to Use a Heat Press Machine

The modern way to imprint art designs on t-shirts and other surfaces is via a heat press machine. They are one of the best alternatives to the old classic screen printing. Although screen printing is still the best when it comes to longevity, heat press machines have become household names because of the ease-of-use.

Customers can’t really tell the difference between a screen printed tee and a heat pressed tee unless they are savvy shoppers. So entrepreneurs need not worry about the method used because heat press machines are cheaper than screen equipment. Heat press machines help makes custom made t-shirts relatively possible to make. This business which is going on the growth path and has lots of growth opportunity. Lots of people are very confused and do not know, which is the best one in the market. If you want some more information on this, then this is a must read, and once you do that then it will be much easier for you.

One advantage of heat press to screening is that with the latter customers have to order in large quantities because the process is too expensive per piece. However, with heat press machines you can order per piece or a thousand pieces and they will still be affordable. This is the reason why heat press machines are so popular among entrepreneurs. There are many people who are into this business and are growing it. Many people are confused and do not know, from where to buy the right machine and they need to do some research.

Using a Heat Press Machine

Not all heat press machines are built for the same purpose. They are in no way equal, some are built to handle smaller jobs, perfect for hobbies or those who are just starting out while others are built for bulk orders. Professional heat press machines are more complex but offer more functionality than basic heat press machines. Most professional machines have a wider platen area for larger surfaces and a digital control board for setting temperature, time and pressure. It is not easy to make use of a heat press machine and one may get confused and if that is the case, then you need to look for some information and if you are searching for some good information, then this is a must read. Once you read the information here, that will make the process much easier and help you understand and get the job done in the right way. There are many people who are very confused on this subject and may end up buying the wrong machine. That is the last thing you can do with you hard earned money.

Even if you are using a basic or pro heat press machine, the mode of operating them are basically the same. Here is a step by step method:

  1. Flip on/off the switch to turn on the power supply after connecting it to the power surge.
  2. Turn the thermostat button to the right. Until you see the red beeping light.
  3. Adjust the thermostat until it reaches the desired temperature for the heat transfer. After that turn the knob to the left to turn on the heating lights. The heating lights self-adjust to regulate the temperature.
  4. Most heat press machine comes with a digital timer for safety. Turn it on.
  5. Next, open up the press to place the T-shirt to imprint artwork on
  6. Place in the shirt and layer in a suitable paper with the shirt facing downwards.
  7. Lock in the handle down.
  8. Set the timer based on the given instructions on the transfer paper and lifts the handle to open the press.
  9. Remove the paper from the shirt and allow 24hrs to elapse before washing the shirt.

These steps are the most basic steps required to operate a heat press machine. Both professional and beginner machines can be operated following these steps with some exceptions to machines that need an additional attachment for enhanced functions. With so many options in the market, if you are getting confused, then this is a must read. Once you find some good information on this subject, that will make the process much easier and help you deal better with things.

Do not forget to use the automatic timer safety feature that comes with all heat press machines. Safety is of paramount interest. You shouldn’t buy a machine that doesn’t have this feature. This is very important thing and you should take care, that machine has to be completely safe to make use of. Just to save money, you cannot buy something that could be very dangerous for you or a person who is going to make use of this machine and always make sure, that your main focus is the safety and never the price and if you do that then you can be happy and will surely be able to make use of the machine for a long time to come.

If you want a good heat press machine, then you need to look for some good options which are durable and give good support and that will happen if you research well and find some good machines. Which is not very tough with the advent of internet, you can do the research very easily. Also, you can take some feedback for customers who have made use of this machine and that helps them, get the job done. So what are you waiting for, look for a good machine and that will make your job much easier.

There are many machines in the market, and they are for different uses. Once you decide on which is the best for you, then you can make use of the product. Also make sure, that you compare the rates well on the internet before you buy. One more very important thing is you need to look for good after sales service, which is important.