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Do you want to give yourself a change, a different air but do not want to spend money and do it at home? It is completely possible and sometimes even necessary. Women are lovers of therapeutic sessions, to pamper us and be in constant change so dedicate you a Friday night or a Saturday to achieve it. Let’s start setting the place, create your surroundings as you feel comfortable, there are those who enjoy relaxing music and a couple of scented candles for these sessions, while those who motivate us with something rock or electronic, put on something that is more comfortable

Today there is a variety of facial treatments for skin rejuvenation. Most of them are focused on women because they are the most interested in vanity and beauty. However, more and more men are becoming aware of the importance of the health of their skin and have increased their desire to look younger and more attractive. In general, the welfare, beauty and cosmetics industry continues to grow. Day by day from the generation of baby boomers to the youngest looking for alternatives to feel and look better! Anti-ageing and rejuvenation solutions through facial treatments are the most requested by mature and adult ages.

Within this category, we find aesthetic and beauty treatments, peelings, masks and surgeries for the skin. All these options seek to reduce the lines of expression and wrinkles, improve the texture and appearance of the skin, correct signs of ageing and harmful effects of exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays. In many cases, the results obtained in the skin are not as desired or as fast as you would like. This happens because most of the damage to this vital tissue is irreparable. However, it is true and clear that the continuous and daily use of antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids and vitamins in your skin, can help you to minimize some signs of ageing and achieve your facial rejuvenation.

There are facials that offer permanent or more lasting solutions to eliminate the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, broken veins and acne scars. These should be consulted with a specialist and performed only in dermatological clinics because they need local anaesthesia and specific care. The key to the success of facial or beauty treatments for the skin lies in the early application and continuous use of them. Clearly, the fastest effective option is surgery. However, the associated costs and unwanted side effects still prevent it from being the best option.

Latest Trends in Facial Treatments

Below you will find more information about the facial treatments most used today, what they consist of, what are the procedures and the results.

Facial Peels

Skin peels are chemical-based facial rejuvenation treatments that burn the surface of your skin to a certain depth. This depth is established by a specialized dermatologist according to the characteristics, needs and health of your skin. It can be shallow or superficial, medium or high depth. This beauty treatment removes impurities and dead cells accumulated on the surface of the epidermis. In other words, it produces a de-scaling of the skin, renewing it completely.

Thanks to a skin peel you can eliminate lines of expression, wrinkles, acne marks, clarify the uniform tone of your skin or localized spots due to pigmentation problems or premature ageing. During the facial intervention, the specialist applies the acid-based substance on your previously prepared and anaesthetized skin. After the required time you remove it with the sponge and pure water. Once the substance is applied, the chemical burns the surface of your skin and your pigment cells. Your skin by natural process stimulates its healing by producing new cells and collagen. This speeds up your regeneration process.

These chemical-based facial treatments should be done carefully and by an expert. It is possible for the skin to experience side effects such as discolouration, permanent sensitivity to the sun and reduction in thickness.

Keep in mind

Your skin will look fully recovered and with the benefits of treatment after a few months as long as you have complied with all the care suggested by the expert. After the peeling is done, it is necessary to rest enough to allow the skin to overcome the irritation, itching, inflammation and redness. You will look like a skin with a radiant, luminous appearance, a lighter and more uniform tone … You will achieve a facial rejuvenation! Before performing a peel again for the rejuvenation of your skin, you should consult your dermatologist to assess the state of health of your skin and determine if it can withstand another chemical release based on acids.

This type of treatment is performed by dermatologists in health and aesthetic centers like we are, complying with hygienic and quality standards. I suggest you look for the best clinics in your city or country and verify that the procedure is done by an experienced specialist. The use of some superficial facial treatments such as facelifts, exfoliations or chemical peels can help to correct fine lines or wrinkles. However, deep wrinkles and permanent facial features require more advanced implant-based treatments.

Implants are particular substances that are grafted onto the skin in order to fill the spaces generated by wrinkles. Usually, substances such as collagen, silicone, industrial fabrics or body fat are used. Day by day the cosmetic industry develops more advanced, high quality and safer substances. Do not forget that if you are dealing with a dermatologist for any infection in your skin, you should let them know in the place where you apply the facial, as some treatment could collide with the medication you have prescribed. For those who suffer from allergies, it is also very important that they specify it, there are organic facials that have the same benefits without using processed products.

The selection of the appropriate substance according to the person is key because in some cases this can harden. In these cases, another surgical intervention is required to remove it from the skin.

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