All about Snap Stucco

What Is Stucco?

Snap stucco is a simple combination of lime, water, and sand. Renovators usually use this simple mixture to do wall or ceilings coatings and even like wallpaper decoration, etc and many more. So, how do we use stucco for such purposes? Snap stucco is easier to be applied as coatings on walls and ceilings when it is in its liquid form. However, it will soon be dried and form a thick compacted material to protect the coated walls and ceilings for damage, at the same time, beautifying the walls and ceilings together with other concrete materials. Many people have known stucco in another term as cement. Besides being used as wall or ceiling coatings, snap stucco is used by many people to cover up unglamorous concrete materials like bricks, concrete and cinder blocks.

Common Stucco Coatings Done by Renovators

As most of the renovators may be aware that snap stucco is a useful mixture to cover up as coats on walls and ceilings, but not all may know that snap stucco has different types of coats which are to be used in different ways and in a certain arrangement. There are three different kinds of snap stucco, which is usually used by some renovation contractors to combine these three different stucco coatings as one full system. This full system that the renovation contractors have created and implemented on some of their renovation projects comprises of three layers of stucco coatings – first coat as the scratch coat, second coat as brown coat and the last one as the final coating.

These three different coating layers serve as different types of protection on the walls or ceilings in Snap Stucco. The first layer as the scratch coat is the most important layer among the three in the system, as this layer is the innermost and nearest coating to the walls and ceilings. Renovators must be very careful in the mixing proportions when making the scratch coat, as too much of a certain mixture component can weaken the layer coating or even too little of them can make the wall or ceiling crack, causing more implications on the renovation. The second layer, also known as the brown coat, gives a further protective layer to the first layer (scratch coat) and lastly the final coat is made as the thinnest layer among all three, which is meant for decorative purposes.

Is Snap Stucco Useful or Harmful?

Snap stucco can be useful to some extent. However, snap stucco can also be harmful at times. So, when do we know stucco is being useful or harmful to us? Snap stucco is useful to us when comes to renovating and beautifying the house foundation and exteriors. Unfortunately, stucco is harmful to us during the removing process. As a mixture of lime, water, and sand from liquid and hardening to solid form, stucco can be quite a hassle to remove, as dust will be spreading all over the place. Hence, it will be ideal for renovators or contractors to protect themselves with overall gear, eye goggles, and even a respiratory mask, so that they can breathe at ease during the process.

Snap stucco is easily mixed with lime, water, and sand and is a common material used by contractors for renovating and beautifying purposes. However, the process of using and applying the snap stucco coatings can be relatively tedious and contractors must be very detailed and careful when comes to coating application. Not only that, snap stucco can be rather harmful to us when it is being removed, due to the dust spread during the removal process.

It is hard to do this job safely when you do it yourself. There are so many things to consider. The weather needs to be right. The stucco cannot get to warm or it cannot be used. You will have to know what surface you are planning to apply the stucco to, in order to use the correct method. You could be applying the stucco to a wooden wall, steel framework, studs wall or a solid wall. If you are applying to a stud wall there are many steps to do this properly. These aren’t all the steps; this is a summary for you to know the work that is needed to be put in.

Then there is a lot of prep work and it takes time. Once the prep work is done you will have to mix the stucco and use a trowel to apply the first layer, which is called the scratch coat. Then this needs to dry for 48 hours. Then you apply the next coat which takes at least 7 days to dry. Always think about what you want to get done and how much time you have and you budget before going ahead.