What Not To Do When Cold Pitching For a Guest Post

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You’ve learned what to write in your pitch and how but you’re still getting nothing. You are starting to play with the idea of completely giving up on writing and just do the job you were supposed to do “until you can make money with writing”. Writing isn’t just about writing though. You are realizing that it’s tiring to keep getting rejected, you don’t see why people don’t want to give you a hence. Maybe you’re doing one of these things: You Don’t Follow Up Editors are swamped with e-mails. Sometimes, they’ll get yours but it won’t be a priority. They will put it aside to read later and completely forget about it. You are there to gently nudge them and remind about that pitch you sent three weeks ago.…
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Organifi Green Juice’s Positive Effects That You Will Personally Experience

You probably have read or heard a lot about the benefits of Organifi, all the write-ups on this wonder-working supplement are the truth that you can rely on to get the creative best out of this supplement. The big blue test carried out to ascertain the usefulness of this green has gone to show that this supplement has the capacity to affect the lives of people positively for the best. This is no single product that is 100% unique. There will definitely be areas that we can improve on, but on the overall rating; this product has what it takes to make people happy. A look at the composition of this product which is all green goes to show that it is composed of elements that have the capacity to…
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How to Use a Heat Press Machine

The modern way to imprint art designs on t-shirts and other surfaces is via a heat press machine. They are one of the best alternatives to the old classic screen printing. Although screen printing is still the best when it comes to longevity, heat press machines have become household names because of the ease-of-use. Customers can’t really tell the difference between a screen printed tee and a heat pressed tee unless they are savvy shoppers. So entrepreneurs need not worry about the method used because heat press machines are cheaper than screen equipment. Heat press machines help makes custom made t-shirts relatively possible to make. This business which is going on the growth path and has lots of growth opportunity. Lots of people are very confused and do not know,…
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